Traditional Mexican Clothing

Traditional Mexican Clothing Description

One of the greatest and most colorful representatives of traditional Mexican culture is traditional Mexican clothing that endured and survived many centuries.

Of course in Mexican cities and other industrialized parts of Mexico it is difficult to see most of the authentic Mexican clothing due to the globalization and the inevitable process of modernization and change.

However, if you visit the rural parts of Mexico you would see that typical Mexican clothing is still around to be seen.

Mexican villages are a true monument to traditional Mexican culture. This is because many of them preserved the Mexican holiday traditions, traditional Mexican music, dances and games, as well as Mexican wedding traditions, traditional Mexican foods and of course authentic Mexican clothing.

General description of traditional Mexican clothing would be that it is very vivid, colorful, comfortable, beautiful and practical.

Traditional Mexican Clothing for Women

In almost all cultures around the world women's clothing is far more developed and detailed than clothing for men. Why this is so is a question for anthropologists and social psychologists. However, what we know is that Mexico is no exception to this rule.

The Puebla Dress

One of the most popular traditional Mexican women's garments is the Mexican peasant dress also known as the Puebla dress, Boho dress, Mexican folk dress, the China Poblana, etc.

Yes, this dress has numerous synonyms which can be confusing however whenever something has many synonyms it means that it is important to the people that created them; and the Puebla dress is important to Mexicans because it is an important part of their tradition and culture.

The Mexican peasant dress has been around for many centuries and it is still used today. Even though the most common color of the Puebla dress is white, you can find this dress in almost every color known to mankind.

The main features of the Boho dress are: loose fit, short sleeves, beautiful and colorful embroidery and, if it is authentic Mexican, it is made with 100% cotton which means that is very comfortable, practical and attractive.

The Huipil

Mexican peasant blouse known as the Huipil is made with cotton, linen or wool and it can be best described as sleeveless tunic. There are various types of Mexican tunics. They differ in shape, length and width and of course there are numerous designs.

The Rebozo

The Rebozo is rectangular in shape and it can be described as big scarf or shawl that varies in size from 1m to 3m in length. However, it is important to note that even though Rebozo can be described as big scarf, it is not a scarf because it has multiple applications.

For example Rebozo is used by many Mexican women to carry their children or to take groceries or other products to the market.

There are many types and even more designs of Ribozo and its price can range from a couple of dollars to few hundreds dollars. All social and economic classes of Mexican society use the Ribozo however they use it for different purposes.

The upper and middle class uses it as a scarf or just as ornament whereas the peasants use it for many things some of which are numbered above.


The Quechquemitl is one of the trademarks of Mexicans and one of the best examples of traditional Mexican clothing. It can be best described as shoulder cape or as the garment that has a center opening for the head to pass through.

Traditional Mexican Clothing for Men

Authentic Mexican clothing for men consists of trousers and shirts that are unique in more than one way because they have many interesting details. Also, sarape (a large blanket cape) is essential part of traditional Mexican men's clothing as well as the Sombrero which is a hat that has large brim.