Mexican Sayings

Mexican sayings are a true treasure of Mexican people.

Here is a representative list of Mexican sayings that holds insight to Mexican culture and great wisdom.

Each of these sayings can be analyzed and elaborated which gives you an opportunity to learn and expend your social knowledge and intelligence.

There is more time than life

Meaning you should cherish your life and the time you have. Don't waist it on things that make life difficult and complicated but use it wisely and enjoy it.

You don't look a gift horse in the mouth

Bad weed never dies

As you see yourself, I once saw myself, as you see me now, you will be seen

This is very profound saying and everyone should read it at least couple of times and take the time to think about its meaning.

He who lives with hope dies happy

To where you go do as you see

Water you are not going to drink, let it run

He who strikes first, strikes twice

To bad times, good face

This saying is a good representative of Mexican optimist and pro-life orientation. Even in the most difficult times of Mexican history Mexican people kept their faith and their optimism.

Shrimps that sleep, gets carried by the tide

Meaning if you want to succeed and be happy you need to work hard and be active in all segments of your life.

An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox

Where fire was, ashes remain Meaning true love never dies.

Important part of traditional Mexican culture is the Mexican beliefs and fascinations about death and the dead. This is best represented by the celebration of the Day of the Dead and traditional Mexican sayings about death.

The deceased climbed on me Meaning that really scared me.

Death peels my teeth Meaning death can do nothing to me.

I don't even believe in the peace of the tombs anymore Meaning I don't trust anyone.

To the dead internment and to the living enjoyment

Mexicans have great respect for the dead thus the Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead however at the same time they are very pro-life oriented and enjoy every minute of it. The meaning of this saying is to keep on going living despite the loss of a loved one because the best way to honor those that are not with us anymore is to be happy and have a joyful life.

Tell me who you are with, and I will tell you who you are

There is no bad that comes without good

Fear does not travel by donkey Meaning fear moves quickly.

Nobody trips twice with the same stone

In a closed mouth flies do not enter Meaning silence is golden.

Who does not speak, God does not hear

Meaning you should always talk about what is important to you and how you feel because nobody can read your mind. Don't expect your loved one to know how you feel and what you need just because you feel certain way and need certain things.

Not everything that glimmers is gold

A bird in hand is worth more than a hundred in flight

There are many other Mexican sayings about love, hope, death and life in general and all of them are very educational. However what is even more important they teach you how to live a good and fulfilling life with gratitude, hope and love but prudently and responsibly.