Mexican Furniture – The Legend of Mexican Hand Carved Furniture

Find Out What Makes Mexican Furniture So Great

If you are looking for rustic, oak, pine or other solid wood furniture that would make your living or bedroom warm and cozy than the Mexican rustic furniture is the best choice for you.

Take for example the original Mexican pine furniture which is handmade in Mexico by the carpenter in small Mexican town who learned all the craft’s secrets from his father and his grandfather.

Making the Mexican folk art furniture is almost sacred in certain parts of Mexico and the carpenters that make it are well respected craftsmen in their villages and towns.

There is an old Mexican legend about the young carpenter who was in love with a most beautiful Mexican girl that lived in the biggest mansion in the town and was forbidden to have anything to do with people like him.

He was poor, warmhearted, gentle, self-confident, brave, smart, handy young man, but that wasn’t enough to be able to speak to his beloved lady.

She was beautiful, smart, gentle, over-confident, well educated, very talented young lady whose parents were the richest people in the town and didn’t allow their daughter to socialize with the common people (as they called everybody who wasn’t rich).

One day as she was passing by the young hero of our story she “accidently” dropped on the ground the book that was telling the story about forbidden love. Since he didn’t know how to read he found himself staring at the book hopelessly.

It took him six months to learn how to read and from reading the book (especially the note at the last page written to him by his beloved lady) he found out that she loved him back.

However, there was a big obstacle to their love. It was impossible for them to spend any time together because she was the “prisoner” of her parent’s mansion.

She was so desperate that one day she set the mansion on fire in hope that they would move to some other place less guarded so that she can secretly spend time with her loved one.

Unfortunately, the mansion was built with stone so the only thing that burned was furniture, doors, windows, wooden floors, etc.

Her parents were devastated however they decided not to move but instead to stay in the guest house while the repair is taking place in their mansion. The only problem was that they couldn’t find enough carpenters thus the renovation process was bound to be very long.

As soon as the young man heard that there is need for carpenters in the mansion of his beloved one he sold the only valuable thing he had and bought the essential carpenter tools.

The very next day he was interviewed by the mansion’s director and he got the job making the furniture.

For the next five years he made numerous beautiful and unique peaces of Mexican furniture and because of that he became the most famous carpenter-artist in that part of Mexico.

The fame was followed by money; money bought him a big house and social status but he wanted only one thing – his beloved lady.

On the day he wanted to ask her father for her hand the news came out that her parents were broke and that the banks and other people they owed money to collected all of their belongings including rustic Mexican furniture which than was sold and scattered across the country.

Unfortunately, that was too much for the father who took his own life, but not before taking his wife’s and daughter’s lives as well.

The young carpenter had the most difficult task in front of him – to make the coffin for his beloved lady.

The legend says that the most passionate love is captured in 101 peaces of Mexican furniture that the young carpenter made when he was longing for his love; and that those lucky ones that come across any of those great peaces of Mexican furniture would always be happy and filled with passionate love.

This is one of the reasons why the antique Mexican furniture is priced so high and why it is very hard to find it.

Of course there are other reasons such as that the Mexican rustic furniture is the high quality solid wood furniture that can last for centuries while making your home beautiful, warm, and comfortable.

Also, the Mexican carved furniture (like the one that the young carpenter made) is much more than furniture. It is in fact the true Mexican art as well as the Mexican painted furniture and other Mexican famous forms of art such as the Mexican pottery.

Authentic Rustic Mexican Furniture

Some say that the Mexican rustic furniture is the same as the Spanish furniture which is far from being true. Even though there are some similarities between the two types of rustic furniture there are many differences as well.

Mexican decor is the mixture of many cultures which is by a definition unique style well recognized around the world.

Mexican interior design, hand carved doors, benches, tables and hand made beds and living room sets are the true Mexican art that you don’t have to enjoy only from the distance but you can sit, rest and sleep on it as well.

Where can you find antique Mexican furniture?

The truly antique Mexican furniture is almost impossible to find anywhere but in the specialized antique Mexican furniture stores.

However, you could try your luck on the internet but the best way is to visit Mexico and go to the traditional Mexican towns like the one from the legend and buy the authentic Mexican rustic furniture first hand.

For those that this option is not an option there are always very good Mexican furniture stores in the United States, Canada, England and many other countries around the world.