Cheap Mexico Vacations

My Luxurious But Cheap Mexico Vacations Tip

Let me tell you, if you want to have the luxurious but cheap Mexico vacation experience the best way is home swapping.

Home exchange is new thing for me but it is absolutely great and, most importantly, cheap way to travel.

I have a small two bedroom apartment in New York and I managed to exchange it for a luxurious Mexican villa in the Mexican Riviera!

My apartment is in very good condition and it is located in a good neighborhood but my apartment is nothing like the Mexican beach villa that I had all for my self and my girlfriend for two magical weeks last winter.

Oh my God! There is nothing so beautiful and exotic than enjoying perfect Mexican Riviera weather, breathtaking Mexican landscapes and seaside and delicious Mexican food and men!Mexican men are so caring, charming and macho that I and my friend had trouble resisting them.

They dance and move as if they were borne to seduce innocent women like me and my girlfriend.

Anyhow, what makes the Mexican vacations so cheap for women is that Mexican men insist on paying for everything. Even if you insist on paying yourself they wouldn't let you and will find the way to pay the bill first.

For Mexican men it is unacceptable that woman pays as well as it is unacceptable that woman is not treated as lady with great respect.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule but most of the Mexican guys that we have met in Mexico are really honorable but a lot of fun.

I would say that Mexican Riviera is the perfect plays for house exchange because the luxurious accommodation is definitely the most expensive part of Mexican vacation.

I'm sure that there are other types of cheap Mexican vacations but I'm also pretty sure that there is no other way to have cheap but luxurious Mexican vacation experience.