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Typical Mexican Clothing

Facts about Typical Mexican Clothing

Typical Mexican apparel is colorful, diverse, comfortable, beautiful, practical, interesting, unique, popular and inspiring.

Typical traditional Mexican outfits for women are Mexican Puebla dress (Mexican peasant dress, Boho dress, Mexican folkloric dress, China Poblana), or long skirt and the huipil (Mexican peasant blouse), and of course the Rebozo.

Mexican peasant dress is, at the same time, quite simple and very feminine and beautiful. It has a loose fit, short sleeves and the colorful and traditional Mexican embroidery. There are numerous types of the Mexican embroidery. It can be simple or complex, in one color or many colors, small or large, etc.

Traditionally the Mexican peasant dress, and most of the traditional and typical Mexican clothing, is made with 100% cotton which makes this dress very comfortable to wear.

The Huipil is a Mayan traditional blouse and one of many things, from the indigenous civilizations, that is a part of traditional Mexican culture. Mexicans are very proud of their origin and in fact the Mayan and the Aztec clothing is considered Mexican pride clothing in nowadays Mexico.

The Rebozo is rectangular garment used by Mexican women for centuries. It can vary in length from 1.5m to 3m or longer and it looks like a big scarf or a shawl. Traditionally it has been used for carrying the goods to the market, children, wood, groceries, etc.

The upper class uses the rebozo as a scarf or as an ornament whereas the Mexican peasant women still use it for many things like those numbered above. This is the reason why the price of the rebozo’s can be a few dollars or a few hundred of dollars.

The list of the traditional Mexican clothing for women doesn’t end here. However the Mexican clothing numbered and described above is typical traditional clothing that Mexican women used to wear, and still many of them wear it nowadays.

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