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Ricardos Mexican Restaurant

Ricardos Mexican Restaurant of Las Vegas

Las Vegas experience was more than refreshing and interesting for many reasons. One of them was the Ricardoís restaurant that serves the best Mexican pizza in the world and many other delicious authentic Mexican specialties.

Some of those traditional Mexican specialties are: ďNachos SupremosĒ which is fresh chips topped with tomatoes, onion, Ranchera sauce, beans and Mexican melted cheese; great Taco Salad, Mexican Chicken Cesar, Carnitas, Chicken Picado, many types of Burritos served with Mexican rice and been, etc.

I personally, was very pleasantly surprised with tasteful and unique Mexican pizzas. I had three kinds of Mexican pizzas in this restaurant and all of them were delicious. Therefore my recommendation to you would definitely be to try some of these amazing pizzas.

The service is very professional but friendly. In fact we felt as if we were part of the family. The restaurant is very interesting and it has five separate dining areas which allow you to choose from intimate rooms to high ceiling atrium dining area.

Drinks that are served in Ricardos Mexican restaurant are just as good and authentic as the food is. My wife enjoyed various margaritas and even I tasted a few of them and to my surprise I liked it, even thought Iím not really fond of margaritas.

However, I didnít like the margaritas enough to order it for myself because Iím a big fan of Tequila. Fortunately for me in Ricardoís restaurant there are more than enough brands of the fines Tequila there is.

In conclusion we had a lot of fun in Las Vegas and one of the reasons was this unique Mexican restaurant and very friendly and nice people that work there. We didnít win any money but we had the great vacation and have met some really interesting people.

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