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On the Border Mexican Cafe

There is nothing like on the border Mexican cafe

Mexican restaurants on the U.S. Mexican border are probably one of the most visited restaurants in the World and everybody knows why.

However what everybody doesn’t know is that Mexican cafes on the border are also as unique and great place to visit if you are into traditional Mexican food, drinks, and atmosphere but with the touch of American culture and “spirit” or at least I thought so.

Few years ago when my car broke very close to the U.S. Mexican border I stumbled into, what appeared to me as, an old shack with the sign “Food, Drinks, Bad….”

The place’s appearance was quite discouraging but I was so tired and hungry that I was ready to take my chance which is why I opened old squeaky doors and entered on the border Mexican cafe I’ll never forget.

Inside was packed with people. At first I thought there was some kind of party going on. People were in very good mood and quite drunk.

Inside, there were more than few Americans and even some Europeans which was very odd to me but at the time the only thing I could care about was food and bad.

I tried to order food but they told me that they don’t have anything edible because guests ate everything. At that point I thought to myself “This must be a joke”.

Then I asked a waiter where can I get some food, but he told me that everything is closed because of the holyday. I couldn’t believe with my ears. I felt as if somebody put a curse on me. Then I asked for water but the waiter said they were out of the bottled water and that the tap water was nod good for drinking. Common!

While I stood there in disbelieve I saw a waiter dragging a donkey into the cafe. I thought “I’m not that hungry”. However, nobody had intention to eat this poor animal. In fact that poor animal got lucky that night and I got sick.

That was the first and the last time I saw what people call the Mexican donkey show (a women having sex with donkey!). That was definitely too much for me so I started walking.

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