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Mexican Wrestling Costumes

About Mexican Wrestling Costumes

Wrestling is very popular in Mexico as well as in the United States which is why Mexican wrestling Halloween costumes are very popular in the Unites States, especially in the southern states.

The officially licensed Nacho Libre movie costume consists of jumpsuit with attached boot tops and mask. However there are numerous other types of Nacho Lible costumes, some of which are pale replica of the original and some of which are even better than original.

The price of the wrestling costumes ranges anywhere from $20 to $200 (for the most part) depending on the fabric, quality and number of accessories.

For example if you choose to buy an original Nacho Libre Costume than you should prepare somewhere between $40 and $60. However if you would like some cool accessories such as the cape then the price goes up as well as the coolness of your costume.

What is the cheapest Lunchador Costume?

The cheapest Mexican wrestling costume is the one that doesn’t cost anything but your time to make it. Mexican wrestling mask is the most important part of the wrestling costume which is why it is important that it looks good on you.

This is why, if you are looking for a cheap wrestling costume, the best thing would be to buy Mexican wrestling mask and make the rest of the costume yourself, or you can just use some tight pants if you have them.

If you are going to the costume party with your girlfriend the only thing she needs in order for you guys to look compatible and great is a tight or short dress known as Mexican wrestling fancy dress costume.

Again there is no need to buy a new dress if she already has a short dress because any short or tight dress would do.

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