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Mexican Wedding Tradition

Mexican Wedding Tradition – The Thirteen Golden Coins

This Mexican wedding custom originated in Spain.

On the wedding day the groom gives his bride the thirteen gold coins that signify his wealth and ability to support her.

The fact that he is giving all of the thirteen gold coins to his bride (which represents all of his belongings) is the symbol of his unquestionable trust, love and confidence.

By giving all of his belongings to his bride the groom is showing to his bride and everybody else that he trusts her with everything material and non material that he has and that he is whiling to put his life in her hands.

On the other side, by accepting the thirteen gold coins the bride promises to take care of her husband’s belongings and to be devoted and trustworthy wife.

The Importance of the Golden Mexican Wedding TraditionThe thirteen gold coins represent the Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles. This is especially important to the Mexicans because the great majority of the Mexican people are Christians and they are devoted to their religion.

Just before the wedding ceremony the thirteen golden coins are represented to the priest by the groom’s relative. The priest then blessed the coins and hands them to the bride who places them into groom’s cupped hands at the begging of the wedding ceremony.

Then the groom places the coins on tray and gives them to the safe keeper to hold them until later in the ceremony.

Near the end of the traditional Mexican wedding ceremony the gold coins and the box are given to the priest who places the coins in the box and gives them to the groom.

The groom opens the box and pours the coins into the bride’s cupped hands and places the box on the top which represents his unconditional love and unquestionable trust.

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