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Mexican Soccer Players

About Mexican Soccer Players

In Mexico, soccer players can be loved, adored or even worshiped, but they can also be disliked and even hated, depending on what they do and how good, or bad they are on the soccer field.

Make no mistake, the soccer field in Mexico is much more than a field, and a soccer stadium is much more than just a stadium. In Mexico, everything that has to do with soccer is much more than you can imagine.

For example, when there is a major international soccer math the entire Mexico is paralyzed. If Mexico is victorious the entire Mexico celebrates, and those soccer players that are responsible for wining the match became national heroes and everybody loves and praises them.

On the other side if the Mexican national soccer team loses and some Mexican player is responsible for losing the math than he better not come home for some time.

In other words, Mexicans are very passionate and the Mexican men’s passion is most obvious when they are in love, or when their favorite soccer team (or national soccer team) is playing a match.

Probably one of the best representative lists of great Mexican soccer players are players that have played, and still play for one of the best, and most successful Mexican soccer team – Club Deportivo Guadalajara S.A. (“Chivas Rayadas”).

Some of those great soccer players are: "Piña" Arellano, Ingacio Vásquez, Omar Arellano, Claudio Suárez, Arturo Jáuregui, "Cura" Chaires, "Zully" Ledesma, "Tubo" Gómez, Jasso, Carlos Calderón, Gustavo "El Gusano" Nápoles, Noé Zarate, Sepúlveda, "Cabo" Valdivia, Manuel Martínez, Eduardo de la Torre, Sergio Lugo, Benjamín Galindo, "Panchito" Flores, "Coco" Rodríguez, José Gutiérrez, Salvador Espinosa, Isidoro Díaz, "Mellone" Gutiérrez, "Chepo" de la Torre, and many others.

It is almost impossible to number all soccer players that deserve to be numbered. That is why we provided you with the short representative list above. However, you should know that there are many other soccer players that are Mexican, or play in Mexican soccer league that are great soccer players.

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