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Mexican Mama Jokes

Great and Funny Mexican Mama Jokes

First we have this overwhelming need to apologize to all the women (especially mothers) if this content offends them. Our attention is not to offend anyone but to make people laugh.

Men, be very careful when telling this jokes! Do not tell them to sensitive women.

These jokes are not made for women anyways, but for men because men have this really weird thing going on, which is to offend mothers of their friends!

We, men and women are definitely not the same!

You (men) are very immature, irresponsible and million other things alike. We (women) are simply better.

Now, having that said, how about we tell you few things about your mom?

  • Your Mama is so popular that all the Mexican Mama Jokes are about her!

  • Your Mama is so fat that when she steps on a dollar bill she gets change!

  • Your Mama is so fat she can go on vacation by rolling over!

  • Your Mama is so ugly she makes an onion cry!

  • Your Mama is so smart she thought that Taco Bell was a telephone company!

  • Your Mama is so fat that when she stepped on a scale it said “To be continued”!

    There are many other mama jokes but we feel you had enough. Or didn’t you?

    We have to admit that some mama jokes are funny, like those above, but there are many mama jokes that are not just not fanny, but also quite stupid and vulgar.

    If you are a class clown, or just a clown we have a golden joke tip for you. “A joke that offends people is not a good joke; in fact it’s not a joke at all”.

    This doesn’t mean that you need to be politically correct and uptight when telling jokes but you should have certain standards and codex.

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