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Mexican Independence From Spain

Facts on Mexican Independence from Spain

Mexican war of independence (1810-1821) was won by Mexico.

The result of the war was the expulsion of the Spanish colonialists and the treaty of the Cordoba which guaranteed the Mexican independence.

Mexicans lost over 15 000 men and close to half of million of people were wounded and many properties were destroyed. On the other side, Spanish colonialists lost about 8 000 men.

The fact that Mexicans won their independence from Spain is evidence that miracles do happen.

This is because during the Mexican war of independence Mexicans were everything but united. Throughout the war, which lasted for more than 10 years, Mexicans were divided between royalist, autonomist and independentists.

This means that Mexicans were fighting the Spanish colonialist and among themselves at the same time, which is the main reason why the Mexican war of independence lasted for so long and why the Mexican Independence from Spain was so costly.

Even before the war started the great Mexican revolutionary leader, Father Miguel Hidalgo, was betrayed by his own men. His conspiracy against the Spanish colonial government was compromised and he had to react quickly, which he did.

On the dawn of September 16 he declared war to Spanish colonial government and organized his army to march into the first battle for the Mexican independence.

Unfortunately only few months lather Father Hidalgo was captured by the Spanish army and was court trialed by the notorious Spanish Inquisition.

Of course they found him guilty of treason and he was executed on July 30 1811. His body was dismembered and his head was displayed as a warning to Mexicans rebels.

Interesting thing is that even though Father Hidalgo was probably betrayed (again) by his own countrymen, when he was caught by the Spanish forces, his death and the gruesome mutilation of his body “woke up” many Mexicans and they saw what he was fighting against and what he was fighting for.

Fortunately other leaders took the Father Hidalgo’s place but unfortunately Mexicans were still far from being the united nation.

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