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Mexican Independence Day

Mexican Independence Day Information

The September 16th is one of the most important days in Mexico because that is the day when father Hidalgo made his famous speech in 1810. This speech is regarded as the begging of the Mexican war of Independence and ever since the September 16th is celebrated as the Independence Day.

Father Miguel Hidalgo was the revolutionary leader against the King of Spain and Spanish colonialist. He organized Mexican people to fight the Spanish colonialist and to win their independence. In his speech he referred to the Spanish rule as to tyranny and invited his countrymen to fight for their freedom.

The Mexican struggle for the independence lasted for ten long years and it clamed many lives. Many Mexican lost their homes, limbs, family members or lives but they did win their independence and Mexico became an independent country.

The very high cost of the Mexican independence is one of the main reasons why Mexicans celebrate the Mexican Independence Day like there is no tomorrow.

On this day the entire Mexico is decorated and everybody takes part in this celebration including the Mexican President and all governors of 31 Mexican States.

Every city, town and village in Mexico is decorated with Mexican flags, Mexican national colors, balloons, and light decorations. People of Mexico are in the streets wearing the traditional Mexican clothing, singing, dancing, eating, drinking and enjoying one of the biggest Mexican fiestas.

The culmination of the celebration takes place at 11: 00 PM when the Mexican President rings the liberty bell that Father Hidalgo rang to call the people and delivers the “Grito” (the Cry) – “Mexicanos Viva Mexico! The crowd echoes back which is than echoed by the governors of each state and the crowds in those states.

This is a very unique, joyful and emotionally charged Mexican celebration which makes it an unforgettable event and great time to visit Mexico.

Viva Mexico!

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