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Mexican Food Culture

Information on Mexican Food Culture

Mexican food culture is very rich, diverse and has a long and interesting history.

Traditional Mexican food is very healthy and tasteful and it is nothing like Tex-Mex food which is type of Mexican food served in the United States.

Traditional Mexican foods are with low fat and calories, rich in vitamins and minerals and very “light” and healthy. This is why you should eat Mexican food if you want to be healthy and fit, provided of course that you do some physical activity other than driving your car.

Seriously, if you want to be healthy you should eat traditional Mexican food and do sports or some other physical activity such as palates, jogging, walking, etc.

If you tasted some Mexican dish before and you weren’t deleted with it, don’t despair because Mexican food is famous for its variety of flavors and spices as well as colorful decorations, chicken and beef based dishes, seafood, tortillas, corn-based dishes, Mexican rice, great salsas and many other types of foods.

Mexican food culture varies by the region due to the different geographic position, climate and ethnicity of different parts of Mexico.

For example, the northern part of Mexico is famous for its red meat dishes (in particular beef and goat-based). Southern Mexico is known for its chicken based dishes, variety of spices and exotic Mexican cuisine. The Mexican states that border the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean are famous for their seafood including great and very tasteful fish dishes.

Corn is very popular food in Mexico which is the reason why there are numerous corn-based dishes and salads, and different kinds of corn brad and tortillas in many Mexican states.

Another very healthy food that is popular in Mexico is rice. The Mexican rice is world famous and it tastes like heaven (if you believe in gastronomic heaven). In other words ladies, if you want to make your men love you even more make them Mexican rice and you will enjoy the desert like never before.

In conclusion, traditional Mexican cuisine is rich, diverse and most importantly very healthy for you and your loved ones. Therefore, take the advantage of our numerous free Mexican food recipes and enrich your life.

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