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Mexican Christmas Music

Mexican Christmas Music and Songs

Christmas music is magical and it makes Christmas time a fairytale.

Traditional celebration of Christmas in Mexico is something really special and unforgettable.

The Christmas time in Mexico begins on the December 16 and ends on the January 6th (when children in Mexico receive their gifts).

The Posadas last from the December 16th till December 24. The Christmas night is on the December 24 and the Christmas Day on the December 25. Between the Christmas Day and the Day of the Three Kings (January 6) there is a New Years Eve.

Unfortunately, more and more Mexicans (especially those living in the United States and in the Mexican States that border the U.S.) celebrate the Christmas in an American way.

Not that there is anything bad about the American way or any other way for that matter, it’s just that the world is much richer and more fun when there is diversity.

Globalization has many positive sides but one of its worst sides is that it is making this world uniformed.

Anyhow, one of the things that make traditional Mexican Christmas so unique and fun is the Mexican Christmas music.

Mexicans have many Christmas Carols and they sing them throughout the Posadas and Christmas time in general.

A side from singing the Christmas Carols they also listen to the Christmas music that is played in Churches and Cathedrals throughout Mexico.

Without the Christmas music the Christmas in Mexico wouldn’t be the same. The music makes everything much more joyful and as one Mexican priest sad: “God hears our prayers no matter how we pray however singing our prayers joyfully is the best music this world has to offer”.

Therefore, sing your prayers, enjoy the Christmas music as much as possible, and most importantly be a part of that music.

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