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Mexican Christmas Diner

I will never forget the Mexican Christmas diner with my friends.

I was raised in an ordinary American family where there is not enough time for anything but work.

The most important thing was always to work, so that there is food on the table, car in a driveway, clothes in the closets, television set in every room in the house (including the kitchen), numerous gadgets throughout the house, and so on.

The only special time my family had was Christmas time and not because we were all together in the house but because we (the children) always got the best presents in the neighborhood.

For long time I thought that the only magical things about the Christmas were the presents I got from my parents and grandparents.

It is only until recently (I’m 24 now) that I realized that Christmas time can be so special, emotional, and beautiful.

Four months ago I was unable to fly home for Christmas because I just finished my master degree and got this great job at the most prestige company.

In order to prove my dedication and professionalism I decided to stay and work during the holidays (Christmas and New Years Eve).

So, I was in the office on the day of the December 24th and I was going through some documents and organizing them in alphabetic order.

At one point some Mexican American guy, dressed like a janitor and with a toolbox came to my office and asked if there is anything that needs fixing.

I looked at him as if he were an alien and said “no”. Then he approached my desk and said “If there is nothing broken how come you are sitting here all alone on a Christmas day?”

“What a nerve” I thought and I didn’t even bother answering him.Few moments of silence… then he spoke again…

“Would you like to come and have the Mexican Christmas diner with my family?”

I couldn’t believe that he just asked me that! “The guy must be stoned or crazy” I thought to myself and I replayed to him “No”.

Then he just set in the $10 000 lather chair and looked at me with the most gentle, friendly and deep look that I have ever experienced in my life. And believe me I had experienced numerous men looking and staring at me because I’m quite an attractive woman.

He was looking at me like as if I was a lost and frighten pappy. Then at one point (after about 5 minutes of silence) I put down the documents and said “Yes”.

Now I got him confused! He definitely didn’t expect that one coming or at least I thought so.

He immediately stood up and said: “Let’s go”.

“Let’s go where?” I replied.

“To my parent’s house for traditional Mexican Christmas diner, everybody is there already and waiting for us.”

“Don’t you think is too soon that you take me to your parents house?” I said with a smile while putting on my coat.

“You are a very special, strange and unique woman.”

“Thank you. You are a serial killer, Christmas angel or crazy janitor.”

He smiled and opened the door…

To be continued…

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