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History Of Traditional Mexican Food

Overview Information on History Of Traditional Mexican Food

Mexican food history is as interesting and rich as the history of traditional Mexican culture itself.

The traditional Mexican cuisine is a mixture of great cultures and its culinary specialties, such as the Indigenous cultures (Toltec, Maya and Aztec), European cultures (predominately Spanish) and Asian cultures such as the great culinary Chinese culture.

Mayan Empire (2000 BC 900 AD) was a great and very developed Mesoamerican civilization that has had influenced the traditional Mexican culture in many ways.

The basic food ingredient of the Mayan cuisine was corn. Mayan people used corn to make tortillas, bread, salsas, salads and even drinks. They loved fish and the seafood; they grew the vegetables and were great hinters.

Another food ingredient that Mayan people used to make the drink out of was the chocolate. Yes, on the contrary to the popular belief that the Aztec invented the chocolate, the Mayans were the first to enjoy the sweet taste of this magical drink.

Another great civilization that is an important part of the history of the traditional Mexican food is the Aztec Empire.

Once the Aztec invaded the Mayan Empire, and gained most of the control over it (around 1200AD), they introduced many new foods to the Mesoamerica. Some of those foods were: honey, squash, domesticated turkey and ducks, avocado, etc.

Aztecs believed that the chocolate had a magical power which is why they elevated it only for the nobility, religious leaders and warriors.

In the beginning of the 16th century and with the arrival of the Spanish to the Mesoamerica many new thing were introduced to this part of the world. Many of them were not good however some of them were refreshing and welcomed by the native people of the Mesoamerica.

Spanish colonialist introduced variety of new foods to the Aztecs and other native people. Some of those foods were: pork, chicken, beef, wine, rice, garlic, onions and so on.

As you can see the Mexican food history is very rich and complex which one of the reasons it is so good, tasteful and popular around the World.

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