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Famous Mexican Songs

List of Famous Mexican Songs

Mexicans are famous for being very gifted and talented for music, singing, dancing, etc.

This is the reason why the Mexican songs are popular and loved around the World.

  • Besame Mucho – Kiss Me a Lot

    Bésame, bésame mucho,Como si fuera esta noche la última vez.Bésame, bésame mucho,Que tengo miedo a perderte, perderte después.......

    This is probably one of the most famous Mexican, and Latin songs in general. Interestingly enough, it is written by the young Mexican girl that had never been kissed yet.

    Other popular Mexican songs are:

  • La Bamba
  • La Cucaraca
  • La Carcel de Cananea
  • El Son de la Negra – great Mariachi song about love…
  • Granada
  • Corrido
  • Paula
  • Terco Carazon
  • Mexico Lindo y Querido
  • Pedir Posada – a traditional Christmas song

  • No list of famous Mexican songs can be complete without great Carlos Santana’s songs: The Game of Love, Revelations, Nothing at All, Black Magic Woman, Maria Maria, I’m Feeling You, Smooth, Evil Ways, Cry Baby Cry, etc.

  • Famous Luis Miguel Songs: Dormir Contigo, Te Desean, La Inconditional, Historia de un Amor, Amarte es un Placer, Fria Como el Viento, I Only Want to Be with You, It’s Impossible, etc.

  • Famous Paulina Rubio Songs: Algo Tienes, Mio, Vive el Verano, Sexi Dance, The One You Love, Amor de Mujer, Nieva Nieva, When You Sat Nothing at All, Don’t Say Goodbye, Baila Casanova, etc.

  • Famous Thalia’s songs: A More a la Mexicana, Baby I’m in Love, Don’t Look Back, Rosalinda, I Want You, Seduccion, Maria la del Barrio, Dance Dance, etc.

  • “RBD” songs: Tu Amor, Wanna Play, Un Poco De Tu Amor, the Little Voice, Money Money, Dame, Mexico Mexico, Besame Sin Mieso, etc.

  • Alejandra Guzman songs: Right to Be Wrong, Lipstick, Tu Eres Mi Luz, De Verdad, Soy Solo un Secreto, Volvare a Amor, etc.

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