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El Toro Mexican Restaurant

I Love El Toro Mexican Restaurant

In my opinion the Tex-Mex food is the best food there is. Yes, it may not be the healthiest choice but that doesnít mean that we canít enjoy it from time to time.

I donít know exactly why I love this type of Mexican food but Iíll try to explain. First, and most importantly, my wife is Mexican American. However I donít think I would enjoy certain food just because of my wifeís origin.

Second, this Mexican food is simply delicious. I donít know one person that tasted this food and didnít like it. Everybody loves it because it is so good.

Finally the atmosphere in Mexican restaurants, especially in El Toro Mexican restaurant is more than welcoming, and very warm and pleasant.

Mexicans in general are very positive, upfront, openhearted and very passionate (which is not necessarily always a good thing). Believe me I know what Iím talking about because Iím married to a Mexican woman for more than 20 years.

I have been in many Mexican restaurants around the world and some of them are really fascinating but I have to say that the best Tex-Mex food is served right here in Texas.

Here in Texas you can have the best Fajita Nachos, tortillas, authentic Mexican rice, Mexican beef based dishes, chicken, seafood, taco salads, etc. Of course the Margaritas are necessary as well as Mexican vine. If you donít drink alcohol there are many Mexican non-alcoholic drinks to choose from.

I donít know about you but in my case itís not only important what I eat but also where and with whom Iím eating with. In other words the restaurantís atmosphere is very important and the reason why I recommend the El Toro restaurant is not just the food they serve but also the very pleasant atmosphere that reigns there.

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