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Celebrate Mexican Independence Day - Mexican Independence War - Mexican Independence Day Facts

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Mexican Independence Day celebration is one of the most festive and intense celebrations in the world.

On September 16, 1810 the father of the Mexican revolution Miguel Hidalgo declared the war against the Spanish rule and invited his countrymen to join him and win their freedom.

“My friends and countrymen, the time has come for us to stand up and proudly and say “No” to the Spanish tyranny. It is time we fight for our independence and what we believe in. Our goal is holy which is why God will help us. Long live Our Lady of Guadalupe and long live Independence!”

Unfortunately father Hidalgo was betrayed and killed the next year (in 1811) however the war went on and Mexican people did win their freedom ten years later.

The war claimed many casualties and it had devastating effect on the Mexican economy. Life was very difficult during the 10 year long independence war and many people suffered greatly but Mexicans didn’t give up and since 1821 they have been free and independent (for the most part).

Now you understand why Mexicans celebrate Mexican Independence Day like there is no tomorrow.

Even the president of Mexico and all Governors of the 31 Mexican states take part in the celebration.

Every year on the even of the September 15 the Mexican president steps out on the palace balcony, that is situated in the heart of Mexico City, rings the liberty bell that father Hidalgo rung to call people and gives the Grito de Dolores.

Among other things he shouts “Long Live Independence, Long Live Mexico!” and the crowd echoes back. This is then repeated by all Mexican governors in every Mexican state in front of much exited crowds.

Right after the Grito de Dolores the celebration begins. Mexican flags, traditional Mexican costumes, authentic Mexican food and traditional Mexican drinks are all around.

Everybody dances, shouts, sings, (some even cry), smile, laugh, and enjoy the good time in the Mexican streets across the country.

Throughout the September 16th there are rodeos, bullfights, horseback rider performances and parades.

On the September 16th everybody is happy in Mexico which is one of many reasons you should visit Mexico during this Mexican holiday.

Not that other Mexican holidays are less fun, but the Mexican Independence Day is most definitely special in many ways.

Therefore, what are you waiting for?

Come and see for yourself how Mexicans celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

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