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Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant

My Experience with the Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant

There is no other way to describe my experience with this Mexican restaurant but as very exciting, tasteful, fun and memorable.

My name is Michelle, I’m 21 year old student that loves to party and have a good time. That is why I wasn’t very trilled when I found out that my friends organized a surprise party for my twenty first birthday in a nearby Mexican restaurant.

I was simply disappointed with the fact that I was going to celebrate my 21 birthday in a restaurant that is famous for the non alcoholic Mexican drinks.

I mean, common! That was supposed to be the first night out when I could have alcohol legally and stress free, but instead I was to celebrate that day with the non alcoholic cocktails.

On top of all I had to act as if I was pleasantly surprised when I “accidentally” walked into the Casa Ramos Mexican Restaurant (because my girlfriend had to use the restroom really badly) and all of my friends screamed “Happy Birthday”.

At that timed I wanted to scream back at them: “What have you been thinking to organize my surprise party here?!”

Of course I couldn’t be more wrong about this Mexican restaurant and its great food, service, alcoholic drinks, and the entire atmosphere which was more than welcoming and kind.

The traditional Mexican food they served was so good that I totally forgot about the strict diet I was on, and I ate like never before (and after) in my life.

We were there for six hours dancing, singing and drinking so we had more than enough time to try many great Mexican foods that were prepared, I have to say, in my honor.

The margaritas in this magical Mexican restaurant were something really special. I don’t remember how many I had but I do remember that they were very tasteful and diverse. The service was so great that we took home few members of the staff and continued the party there. I have to say that we were very happy because one of them was the bartender who made us great drinks throughout the night and the next day.

There are even more reasons why my 21 birthday was so special but those reasons are not for the public and have nothing, or maybe little, to do with the Mexican restaurant :o)

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